Please donate Your Time!

There are some areas where you can participate as a brief:

    • Teaching English from nursery level to grade 8
    • Helping around the kitchen
    • Health/medical care
    • Hygiene
    • Art classes (painting, drawing)       

Or let us know, what you would like to do

Our monastery is providing Wifi, simple vegetarian food and simple accommodation (Now we can accept Maximum 4 volunteers at the same time)

Volunteering in Nepal provides a life to transform experience in a truly amazing country. Our volunteers immerse themselves in Nepali-culture amid some of the most stunning scenery in the world while making a real and lasting contribution to the lives of locals in our Buddhist Monastery. Our location high in the hills close to Kathmandu City gives us the best opportunity to welcome volunteers.

As a small monastery we don’t have a wide range of volunteering opportunities but if you can teach English to our monks or even can work on health care or art you are most welcomed here. By nature, monastery life is both simple and rewarding. The day starts early, often well before dawn, and much of the morning is devoted to prayer. Usually, teaching modern classes such as English starts from 10:00 am to 16:00 pm with a break in between for lunch at 12:00. During their stay at the monastery, volunteers will have plenty of opportunities to get to know the monks and Buddhism. The monks here are invariably open and friendly, and very happy to discuss Buddhism, spirituality, life, and the world in general. The time can easily be passed in deep discussion. The monks own English skills probably grew with the help of the teachers and volunteers during these useful cultural conversations.

The main duty of volunteers is to teach English. The age of students ranges from 7 to 18 years old, so ability can vary significantly. With class division from nursery to class 8, it provides volunteers with an opportunity to teach at every level and use a variety of teaching styles. In fact, variety really is the spice of life here. Volunteers are often left to their own devices and will be responsible for planning lessons, conducting workshops, and organizing games and other activities. Outside of class time, volunteers may also be asked to help supervise extra-curricular activities and sports.

"we believe in free of fees volunteer but as the school has no particular sponsor, then needs your help and donations to stand on its feet"

Project Summary

Project:Teaching English at Buddhist Monastery
Dates:Anytime by getting the confirmation of the monastery
Language Requirements:English (Basic Nepali is provided if you are interested)
Food & Accommodation:Nepali standard at the monastery
Key Activities:Teaching English, organizing creative and fun activities, sanitation & environment work, teaching physical exercises
Beneficiaries:Monks age between 5 to 18
Working Hours:5 hours a day / 5 to 6 days a week
Required Qualifications & Skills:Teaching, Passion to sharing culture, flexible

So we had to consider some fees in our volunteering projects which are not so high and you can consider it as a donation to the monastery to provide necessary items for the students.

Completely Free Volunteering Opportunity for Nepalese citizens who reside in Nepal.

50% off on volunteering Fee for Nepalese citizens who live abroad (Non-resident Nepalese) and want to volunteer in Nepal with us.

Volunteering Program fees

Duration / Week23468101214

The fee to stay one week is just $50 / Person which includes:

    • Airport pick up
    • Accommodation: We can be the host of 4 volunteers at the same time due to the small size of the monastery and room availability.
    • Meals: Two vegetarian meals are served daily: usually Dhal Bhat “cooked rice and lentil soup”, cooked vegetables with Roti “flat bread” or Thukpa “Tibetan noodle and vegetable soup”.
      • Ten hours of basic Nepalese language lessons by the students.
    • 24/7 assistance support.

And what is not included:

    • International / Domestic Flights
    • Travel / Medical Insurance (Note that modern medical facilities are available in Kathmandu if needed and we can arrange appointment for the hospital)
    • Costs of transportation
      • Supplements and foods which any volunteer likes to buy based on their habits
    • Sightseeing in Nepal

It is difficult to emphasize just how much the work of our volunteers benefits these kids. Even a basic knowledge of the English language will open doors and expose them to new possibilities. Even for those who are just beginning to learn the language, exposure to people from different countries and different cultures enriches their lives immeasurably.

Please, download Volunteer Application form here and contact us to book your place.