New Construction

When we moved here to provide better facilities and services for the students, we didn’t anticipate any natural disasters but then it happened! A devastating earthquake created a new situation which forced us to start from very basics again. The monks slept on mattresses on the floors in the rooms. Sickness from insects and cold weather was very common. We are still working to improve the living conditions for the monks to be able increasing the numbers of them in near future again. We established several buildings to accommodate the students in a cleaner and healthier environment, but still, have no bathroom to wash and just 2 toilets to use. We have to build more which are essentials. The classrooms need to develop since they are just like shelters now. Repairing the dormitory is another important project due to big cracks on the walls caused by the earthquake in 2015.

The present number of monks is 40, and it must be kept at this number until we will be able to accept more again because of lack of rooms and facilities. There are many young boys who wish to enter the monastery.

We need your help and support to fulfill the wishes of our Guru to accept more monks into the monastery.

Please contact us for more details.