Global Team

Shoham Shefy

Loved by students and monastery alike, Born and raised in Hod-Hasharon, Israel. Architect and Interior designer who graduated the Faculty of Architecture and city planning in the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) Massage therapist, teacher and a cook.

Free spirit pacifist who believes in love and peace between all people. Enjoys cooking, traveling and meeting good and interesting people. During 2015 Shoham spent 3 months in Nyingma Palyul secondary school and again 4 months during 2017, teaching English, improving the hygiene standard of the boys  and leading development processes.

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Alban Deme 

Since joining Nyingma Palyul Buddhist Secondary School, Alban has consistently brought a passion and dedication with him each day.

 “I just try to be a good person in this harsh world as much as my distracted mind allows me.”

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Sagar Lama 

Amazingly energetic and driven, Sagar quickly became one of the most beloved staff members at Nyingma Palyul Buddhist Secondary School.

“Just a simple man who always wants to see all beings happy and do good for beings. This is what I am nothing more.”

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Mehrnaz Behrouzi  

Amazingly energetic and driven, Mehrnaz quickly became one of the most beloved staff members at Nyingma Palyul Buddhist Secondary School. As former Commercial Expert, Sales Manager, current Tour Manager, she is trying to help the school to manage all activities in a positive way.

“I am so happy to call as a member of this lovely family, Nyingma Palyul Buddhist Lower Secondary School.”

Love traveling and meeting new good people and try to find more about similarities between cultures.  Her first trip to Nepal took 2 lovely months spending time with small monks in Nyingma Palyul secondary school in 2016 as an English volunteer teacher which drove her for next trip in spring 2017.

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Suman Moktan  (Palden)

Loved by students and all who know him, Palden and his brother have worked hard for the school for years even while just entering their teens. So dedicated with a great heart which always wants you to be happy.

Being responsible to run a school at this age is not what the most can do but Palden does.

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LAU Wai Mee (Mayzi) 

Their innocent and simplicity inspire you to have new perspective in life.
Their generous hospitality to an extend makes you also want to return them in kindness.
This place rekindle your ability to give and love.

Email:   (Far East)