Our Lineage

Ven. Khenpo Sange Rangjung Rinpoche

Venerable Khenpo Sange Rangjung Rinpoche is a professor of Buddhist studies and a religious spiritual master who founded Ngagyur Nyingma Palyul Urgen Dorjee Chholing Monastery, a school for lamas in Pharping (Kathmandu, Nepal).

He is also the chairperson of Nepal Nyingma Buddhist Association and the patron of our monastery. Please, watch:

Dr. Guru Lopen Tashi Chhiring Sherpa






Lopen Dr. Tashi Lama sherpa during a Monastery opening ceremony Sindhupalchok Nepal

Guru Lama Pema Dorje

Guru Pema Lama was born on the 15th of April, in 1970, in Bhimkhuri-8, Kavre district. He was born in a lucky era when the Seeker can meet the Buddha-Dharma when it is allowed to learn and practice, and high-level teachers, lamas, and gurus are present. He was born into a lovely family where the teachings were already present, and no one asked him to stop being what he wanted to become. Some of his relatives were already monks.

Guru attended a village school in his childhood, and after that he chose to immerse himself in the timeless teachings of Buddhism. During his years of study, he completed the traditional meditation period. When he finished his studies he chose to go for modern education, then later he came to Kathmandu where he met many spiritually highly developed rinpoches and gurus. There he met with Venerable Penor Rinpoche from whom he received many teachings.

During his study years he earned money by his love of painting thangkas and helped trekkers on their way.

In 2001 he has been appointed as the main lama in Kotang, in the Sange Losang Tamang monastery. During this time he had the opportunity to attend on H.H. The 14th Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra puja which lasted for 11 days. After this he felt, many things changed in his life.

In 2003 he became a member of the Education Ministry for Buddhist studies. By this, and by meeting many rinpoches and teachers he was inspired more and more to start a school. He gathered ideas, contemplated on the future and finally made the decision to open one in 2004.