Life at School

“A glance at a daily life in our monastery”

Our student culture plays a key role in our Buddhist School experience. We’ve created a safe and accessible environment where students are encouraged to discuss ideas, collaborate on projects, share their work, and receive feedback from fellow students and teachers. We give students the foundation to bring their potential to life.

Every day begins and ends with silent contemplation together; there are also periods of working meditation, some time for individual practice and for attending to personal needs and participating in modern educational classes. Following such a routine can be an excellent support for bringing awareness into our hearts and applying it in our daily life. Watch this, please!

Daily Life in Our Monastery

06:00Morning Puja – chanting and sometimes silent meditation
07:00Daily clean-up – chores around the main area of the monastery
08:00Breakfast – usually tea and Chhura, Biscuits or Noddle Soup
08:30Work period – Doing homework and participate in Lama Classes
10:00Participate in modern education classes
12:00Meal offering – After the kitchen wash-up, back to modern education classes and study time
16:00Tea time and free time to play
18:30Evening Puja – chanting and possibly silent meditation
19:30Dinner time
20:00Time for some homework, discussion and getting ready to sleep
22:00Time to bed

Join us and experience a different life style!