Linda Olsvig Whittaker

Since she joined us, we got her help both financially and managing projects due to her wide knowledge in education. We hope go further together to make a better world for our students and more around not even just in Nepal.


Read more about Linda here, CV – Linda


Cheryl Jones

Cheryl Jones is happily retired and living in Montana USA.

Her life revolves around her children, grandchildren, and all Gods children. She is active in her Lutheran church, is a cancer survivor, and especially enjoys being in the healing presence of the great outdoors.

Contact her via:


Phone: 406.697.6146 (Call or text)


Les Petits Écoliers de l’Himalaya

Jennifer Priëls
1172 Chemin des Redonnets
06530 Saint Cézaire Sur Siagne

Benjamin Priels : +33 (0)6 77 00 90 91

Facebook: lespetitsecoliersdelhimalaya


Vikash Agrawal

Believer of truth and ways of nature. Hindu by religion but liberal thoughts. He believes in goodness and nature than any religion.

 Parents are aging and miss me, settled in India


Mayuree Joshi

“This has been a most humbling experience for me. My travels have also put me in touch with a new level of spirituality. I’ve had the privilege to learn about Buddhism as practiced in Laos, Thailand and Nepal and has been a great inspiration for my life going forth . I am truly grateful & nbsp; for the many blessings that I have in my life. Love and blessings to all .”


Quentin Raymond

“Hi, I’m Quentin from France. I’m so happy about my experience in this school. All the children and Palden’s family are the best people that I met in this country. Always smilling, respectful and funny, all the boys here are brothers and will welcome you as well.”


Manuela Bair 

No words can describe how much i love this very big family… and how loved i felt…I think I am the luckiest person on this world to be allowed to call them my family now ❤️“


Adrien Yonnaled

” I planned to stay 1 month in this school, but stayed more than 3. I never expected to be so bounded with all of those kids and to be part of this big family. Leave your heart open to those boys, this is a life change experience.”



Coleen Clark

” Nyingma Palyul Buddhist School is a thin place on earth, a place where Heaven and Earth are more closely connected. The student monks are dedicated to their studies and their prayers, and will steal your heart with their open smiling faces..”