“Give Us A Hand To Create A Better Place To Live For The Children”

  • Volunteering  

    “Teach English to the monks and learn about their Buddhist Culture in return”

Teaching English at a Buddhist monastery offers volunteers a unique opportunity to gain insight into Buddhist culture and practice while helping our little monks to improve their English skills. This Teaching English Program aims for an exchange between our little monks, and overseas volunteers sharing in common: the desire to learn.

So if you’ve had an inner desire or urge to travel, to experience something incredible and to be part of something bigger… then Nepal is calling you. This could be the sign you’ve been waiting for.

  • Sponsor A Student
“Change your Life by Changing Theirs”

When you sponsor a poor child, you do not help a needy child – you empower a child who has been robbed of rights and opportunities so many of us take for granted. These beautiful angels are truly relying on your contributions. Through your contributions, you have the ability to create engaged, self-reliant, world conscious citizens of the future. Sponsor a child so that together we can save vulnerable children who deserve a better life.

Please join us in helping to uplift these students, participate in the revitalization of Nepal and bring them a brighter future full of happiness and success.

  • Retreat & Meditation
“The Journey of Discovering Who We Are Is The Ultimate Journey of Life”.

Retreats are a great way to initiate a personal exploration of Buddhism, and of yourself. A spiritual retreat is a personal adventure. It’s a small commitment of time that impacts the rest of your life. It’s a space in which to shut out the noise and distractions and come face-to-face with yourself. It can be the beginning of a new direction for you. If you are interested in Buddhism and want to have a great experience of meditation, please contact us to arrange your package.

  • Food & Health Care
“You can create the world where no child goes to bed hungry.”

When your compassion becomes generosity, you can change the world. That’s exactly what we are doing here, one bag of rice, one dose of vitamins, one pair of shoes at a time would be appreciated to help these little angels to be healthy and more energetic.

A fresh brain leads any kid to be more creative and successful.

  • Solar System & Hot Water
“Help children to have bright nights”

Electricity is one of the important achievements of scientific creation. It is used for lighting the bulbs, heating rooms, ironing etc. Big industries and factories are operated through it. It has made a great change in transportation sectors like trolley bus, electronic train, and cable cars. But in Nepal, the situations are different. Access to electricity full time seems impossible to even in the capital city, Kathmandu, so people have started to use solar systems to cover their needs for longer power access time during both day and night. Depending on their needs they install different kinds of systems and panels.

Our school also followed the same method but we do not have enough panels yet and have no hot water so far due to our financial crisis. Your help will bring hot water to school and kids can take showers during winter too, not waiting for spring time.

  • New Constructions
“Help us to make the school as comfortable as a home”

Providing a clean and comfortable place to study and live is a necessity after providing foods. These two needs were the most important ones since the human being appeared on earth. We moved to this place to provide a better place to live and better facilities to use. Unfortunately, the move was at the same time as the earthquake in 2015 which caused a lot of problems in the rest of our plan which we are still working to resolve.

The essential parts to build or repair is toilets, at least 4, and a bathroom, as well as, reconstruction of our dormitory which was damaged seriously in the earthquake. Another plan is building classrooms. At present we have just a temporary one with no facilities.